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Forever Young

Präparation von Knut

The animals on display at the Museum für Naturkunde are created in the museum's own taxidermy workshop. During this exclusive event, exhibition taxidermist Jan Panniger invites visitors to this otherwise inaccessible area of the museum and provides a special insight into the multifaceted craft of taxidermy.

Where do the animals shown in the exhibitions come from? How do zoo animals like Knut the polar bear and Bobby the gorilla manage to look so lifelike even many years after their deaths? And how does one become a taxidermist in the first place?
All questions will be answered during this exclusive guided tour followed by a drinks reception in the taxidermy exhibition.

Event information

  • For teenagers and adults from 14 years
  • Costs: 15,00 € / reduced 12,00 €
  • Event is held in german
  • Registration required via the registration form