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Offenes Netzwerk Naturwissen_ Zusammenleben im Zeitalter des Aussterbens

Binoculars lying on the ground

Today we are experiencing a phase in which the most serious consequences of human activity - such as the climate crisis, dwindling biodiversity and ecological destruction - are becoming inexorably and unmistakably apparent. A future habitability of the planet therefore also demands new cooperation and other forms of collaboration.

As an umbrella for various partners from the Berlin and Brandenburg regions, the Naturwissen network at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is experimenting with connections between knowledge and action. Committed to the common theme of the year, "Extinction", very different projects have been developed: They revolve around the question of how we can think about land use and nutrition in the future, which stories can be/need to be told today with regard to nature issues, or how we can learn ourselves through artistic or playful approaches. We would like to discuss the search for answers and much more together in the Sauriersaal of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

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