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Open Museum Studio in the Microscopy Centre

Kinder und Erwachsene erforschen verschiedene Gegenstände unter dem MIkroskop

Colourful butterflies, impressive bird wings, the cast of a dinosaur jaw, ancient fossils - in the open museum studio the objects are not behind glass, but on the hand, in front of the nose and under the microscope.

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the artist Caspar Pauli invite you to discover interesting, mysterious, beautiful and surprising museum objects with your hands, to explore them under the microscope and, finally, to sharpen your own eye by drawing with a pencil. See the world with different eyes! The offer is aimed at visitors of all ages, explicitly also at those who think they cannot draw.

With Asude Demirci and Julika Molitor, artistic concept: Caspar Pauli.

Information about the event

  •    Free open offer (regular admission only) in the Microscopy Centre