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Sustainable public viewing: Kick-off to planetary health

The face of the gorilla Bobby, behind it the specimen of a giant eland
Fully booked!

Public viewing can also be sustainable! We are showing this together with the Weltacker Berlin e.V. for the final of the Euro 2024. We invite you to join us for a sustainable cooking workshop and a guided tour on the topic of sustainable nutrition, about which Gorilla Bobby would probably have had a lot to say. Afterwards we will watch the final game together.

If we divide the world's arable land by the number of people on earth, each person gets around 2,000 square meters. What feeds and supplies us must grow on this. The Weltacker in Berlin-Pankow cultivates the world's arable crops in the same proportions as they grow in fields around the world – the whole world on one field! In this way, it shows imbalances in global cultivation and, as a place of learning, finds alternatives together.

The earth does not need us. We need it all the more because it supplies us with water, fertile soil and oxygen. Through our often thoughtless actions, we ensure that the earth's ecosystem becomes unbalanced, biodiversity is lost and habitats disappear. This is why we at the Museum für Naturkunde are strengthening the exchange between science and society. This is also the case in a cooperation project that deals with the health of our planet, with a focus on nutrition.

This is where our public viewing with the Weltacker comes in. Together with you, we will not only watch the final game, but also explore the museum's exhibitions beforehand, focusing on the question of how we as a global community can eat healthily and sustainably. In a cooking workshop, we will put what we have discussed into practice and conjure up sustainable delicacies on our plates.

Event information


  • From 17:45: Entrance via the barrier-free entrance (right of the main portal)
  • 18:15: Exhibition tour
  • 19:15: Sustainable cooking workshop
  • 21:00: Public viewing

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  • The DBU-funded project "Public Engagement with Planetary Health with Focus on Food and Nutrition" has been based at the MfN since October 2022 and is being carried out jointly with Charité Berlin and Oxford in Berlin.
  • The project "Sustainably Fit – Sports Nutrition Education" by Weltacker Berlin e.V. is being carried out with financial support from the State of Berlin. The project is part of the sustainability program of the sports metropolis Berlin for the UEFA EURO 2024.
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