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Thu / 08.08.2019 / 15:00 to 17:30

Artistic Walk with Sybille Neumeyer

The artist Sybille Neumeyer takes you on an extraordinary exploration through Berlin. You follow stories with, about and from viruses. The urban landscape, institutions, architectures and infrastructures function as a storyboard for a multiperspective narration that aims to motivate a critical “reading” and nuanced reflection of historical, cultural, medical and social events: Where does a (hi)story end? Who is narrating and what is heard? How far does memory reach? Who is “we”? Where does the map end?

– The walk takes approximately 2,5 hours, please bring water and wear comfortable shoes.

Registration from 29.07.2019 via e-mail at // max. 16 participants // adults und kids aged 16 and over // walk not barrier-free // duration: ca 2 hrs. // with registration only 

Accessible Programme

We recommend the performance lecture on 04.09.2019, 7pm with Sybille Neumeyer (in German) in the Experimental Field.