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The image collection of Georg August Zenker in the Historical Division

Historisches Aquarellzeichnung eines Fisches "Barbus kessleri" von Georg August Zenker

Holding identifier: B001-02 Georg August Zenker

Historical Image and Document Collections > image collections > B001-02 Georg August Zenker

One of the image collections in the museum's Historical Image and Document Collections is that of Georg August Zenker:

Georg August Zenker (1855-1922) was a botanist who was trained at the Botanical Garden in Leipzig. He undertook various expeditions, including to the Congo, Gabon and Cameroon. He settled in Cameroon and worked for a botanical station in Yaoundé, which provided important information about a possible agricultural use of the area. After leaving the colonial service, Zenker settled near Kribi, where he ran a plantation for coffee, cocoa and rubber and where Zenker's descendants still live today.

The picture collection (B001-02) of Georg August Zenker includes:

  • Watercolor drawings of fish, birds and dolphins
  • A sketchbook with watercolours of birds

Finding aids for this image collection are available in form of a finding aid book (see download link on the right) and an entry in the Daphne database system (searchable in the Historical Division).

Finding aid (in German):

Citation rule: MfN, HBSB, B001-02 Picture collection Georg August Zenker No.