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Knowledge “to go”

IKON - Knowledge Transfer Concept for Research Contents, Methods and Competences in Research Museums

“We are developing a transfer concept for research-based knowledge, i.e. for the contents, methods and competencies of research museums,” says Eva Patzschke, project manager at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. A knowledge transfer strategy for the museum is the focus of her project IKON. Strategic guidelines position the museum for the transfer and provide a framework for the activities. Part of the strategy’s implementation for the target group “employees” is a wiki with information about research projects and transfer activities. The wiki is an easily accessible information resource and helps to identify potentials for knowledge transfer and cooperation.

Museum, society and back

“Our target groups and the museum itself benefit if the knowledge gained here is disseminated further and applied in politics, business or education,” says Patzschke. This does not only apply to research results, but also to methodological know-how and knowledge about networking and communication.

In addition, transfer works in both directions: Museum knowledge is made available to society and the museum takes up knowledge and impulses. Participation and dialogue formats are already part of the repertoire. Furthermore, knowledge is exchanged in scientific consulting and applications, for example by companies or other research institutions.

The project aims to systematically link the various transfer activities with other services of the museum. This includes research, teaching and also the collections as research infrastructure providing a basis for successful knowledge transfer.

Buzzword “knowledge transfer”

The knowledge transfer strategy is a new starting point for the development and efficient alignment of knowledge transfer activities at the museum. And even though “knowledge transfer” has become a buzzword in the specifications of governmental research funders, IKON is the first focused project of its kind.


The IKON project is carried out in cooperation with FU Berlin and Görgen & Köller GmbH.


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).