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Mercator Projekt - Open Science

Gebäudefront Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Exploring Citizen Science for the development of Open Science in Europe

Under the slogan "open innovation, open science, open to the world", the European Commission promotes innovation in Europe and aims at changing the science system fundamentally. The stakeholder-driven European Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) advises the European Commission on this issue. Citizen science and participatory approaches are seen as a core element of Open Science, helping to bring science effectively into society.

As part of the project, which is funded by the Mercator Foundation and directly supporing the work of the OSPP, a study on the mechanisms and challenges of open science, in particular for Germany as a science location, will be conducted:

1. informing the work of the OSPP with statements and policy briefings,
2. contributing to scientific discourses in the form of publications and conference talks,
3. advising German science policy in the form of recommendations and stakeholder workshops.

The purpose of the project is to disseminate experience and initial findings from the Open Science Process at European level for the transformation process of science, especially at the national level.


Glossary on Open Science of the European Commission to inform about European research and its innovation potential.


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