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MultiplEye Lab

Please note that due to a cyber attack, some of our employees can currently only be reached by telephone.

Nahaufnahme einer Krabbenspinne (Thomisidae).

Research Topic

We’re interested in many aspects of invertebrate visual systems, including their structure, function, ecology and evolution. Our research focusses on animals that have taken the seemingly unusual evolutionary route of having more than two eyes. These multiocular systems are found across the animal tree of life, in a rich variety of forms. We want to identify fundamental patterns in the function and evolution of these systems: are there specific taxa or ecologies in which they appear more commonly? What relationships link, for example, eye number and eye size? To answer these questions, we use a range of model systems and methods to study vision and its evolution in many-eyed animals. We are kindly supported by the DFG Emmy Noether Programme.

Research Focus