Education and Exhibition

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In the department Education and Exhibition innovative programmes in public engagement with science, from school events to exhibitions, were conceived. Through a life-long learning approach, these programmes reach out to visitors of all ages, gender, cultural and educational backgrounds. Thus, the department fosters knowledge and awareness of nature and helps to create a more scientifically literate citizenry.

The exhibitions are created in-house by the department, highlighting original specimens of the Museum’s own collection, putting the Museum’s scientific expertise and its researchers at the centre. Furthermore, the team experiments with novel approaches to science communication, makes collections and research visible as well as fostering deeper science – public dialogue.

Educational programmes such as guided tours, microscopy courses, nature excursions, science talks or teacher trainings are developed target-group oriented for children, school classes and adults. In addition, it cooperates with different educational partners as schools, kindergartens, universities, neighbourhood organisations, adult educational institutions, environmental associations and research institutes.
In the field of educational and visitor research, the exhibitions, the educational programmes and the visitor structure were investigated and analysed. This research will provide valuable insights and information for the future development of educational programmes and exhibitions and for the opening of the museum to new audiences.