Exhibition and Knowledge Transfer

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The department Exhibition and Knowledge Transfer develops and implements innovative concepts for exhibitions and other communication formats. The objective is to enthuse visitors for nature, appeal to new groups of visitors and reach out to society, providing a platform for scientists and Museum’s partner organisations to enter into conversations with the public about topics that are relevant for the future.  

The work is based on developing and experimenting with new approaches to communication, while maintaining basic principles such as relevance to research and the collection, focussing on original specimens, and keeping overarching strategic aims of the Museum’s work in focus. The concept of authentic communication, where our own scientists contribute their expertise in their fields, exhibits come from our own collections and our taxidermists, developers and media experts communicate contents to a large audience, has been a resounding success.  

The department translates information for different target groups into exhibits, images, photographs, diagrams, installations and concepts for further use in specialist articles, lectures, exhibitions, brochures, flyers, advertising material, teaching material and book publications. 

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin’s exhibitions have an international reputation of being state-of-the-art, and members of our department are much in demand when it comes to the design and planning of exhibitions, science communication at international conferences, participation in scientific advisory boards and teaching at universities.