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The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN) is considered "state of the art" in terms of its exhibitions and communication offerings on a national and international level. Museum colleagues from all over the world consult the MfN as part of their own planning in the field of exhibitions, education and museum development.

The museum conceives and realises innovative exhibition formats that focus on the presentation of research fields and the museum's sub-collections. In particular, the communication and visualisation of scientific processes that enable society to participate in research are focal points during the development and implementation of the “Zukunftsplan”. The planning team operates in the visitor circuit and allows the public to participate in the planning processes. The Exhibition Department works here in close cooperation with the Social Innovation Unit in particular.

The department's permanent task is the preparation and presentation of research results and the MfN's collection for the dialogue between society, science and politics. The department translates information and scientific research results from all research areas for different target groups in analogue and digital form of exhibitions as well as in the form of objects, images, photographs, graphics, and concepts for further use in specialist articles, lectures, exhibitions, brochures, flyers, advertising measures, teaching materials and book publications. The expertise of the staff is transferred through university teaching.

Three sub-areas of the Exhibition Department implement this work programme. In addition, the (research) infrastructures "exhibition areas" and "preparation" belong to the department.