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Dr. Birger Neuhaus

Birger Neuhaus
Fax: +49 30 889140 - 8868

Museum für Naturkunde
Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung
Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin


  • Curator of the collection  "Vermes" (= "worm-like animals")
  • Responsible for the light microscopical equipment of the zoological collections and central laboratory

Assisted Collections

The collection "Vermes" contains a mixture of invertebrate, worm-like animals which are generally not phylogenetically related to each other: Plathelminthes = flatworms, Gnathostomulida = "jaw mouth worms", Nemertini = ribbon worms, Rotatoria = wheel animals, Acanthocephala = "prickly head animals", Gastrotricha = "bottle animals" or "belly-haired animals", Nematoda = threadworms or roundworms, Nematomorpha = horsehair worms, Kinorhyncha = "muddragons", Priapulida = "love worms", Loricifera = corset animals, Sipuncula = peanut worms, Echiura = spoonworms, Pogonophora = beard worms, Annelida = segmented worms, Chaetognatha = arrow worms. About 100,000 specimens are catalogued under some 30,000 lot numbers. The collection contains type material of more than 2,140 species which can be searched in the Datenbank SeSam.


Reserach interestes

  • Phylogenetic relationships within the group Nemathelminthes (= Aschelminthes) and relationships of Nemathelminthes to other invertebrates
  • Taxonomy, zoogeography and evolution of the Kinorhyncha (= "muddragons")

Research projects

  • Biological studies about selected animal key groups during the deep-sea expedition SO 208 with R/V "Sonne" to the equatorial East Pacific
  • Establishment and public communication of a science-based collection management of zoological wet collections in the frame of the "KUR – Programme of conservation and restauration of mobile cultural heritage"

Publications (Selection)

Ivanova, E. S. & B. Neuhaus (2009): Malvinia crassum gen. et sp. n. (Nematoda, Drilonematoidea) - a parasite of the acanthodrilid earthworm Notiodrilus bovei from the Falkland Islands. Nematology 11: 39-45

Heiner, I. & B. Neuhaus (2007): Loricifera from the deep sea at the Galápagos spreading center, with a description of Spinoloricus turbatio gen. et sp. nov. (Nanaloricidae). - Helgol. Mar. Res. 61: 167-182.

Neuhaus, B. & R. M. Kristensen (2007): Ultrastructure of the protonephridia of larval Rugiloricus cf. cauliculus, male Armorloricus elegans and female Nanaloricus mysticus (Loricifera). J. Morphol. 268: 357-370.

Liesenjohann, T., B. Neuhaus & A. Schmidt-Rhaesa (2006): Head sensory organs of Dactylopodola baltica (Macrodasyida, Gastrotricha): A combination of transmission electron microscopical and immunocytochemical techniques. - J. Morphol. 267: 897-908.

Neuhaus, B. & T. Blasche (2006): Fissuroderes, a new genus of Kinorhyncha (Cyclorhagida) from the deep sea and continental shelf of New Zealand and from the continental shelf of Costa Rica. - Zool. Anz. 245: 19-52.