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Dr. Wolfram Mey

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Wolfram Mey
Fax: +49 30 889140 - 8868

Museum für Naturkunde
Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung
Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin


  • Curator (= Kustos) of the Lepidoptera and Trichoptera Collection (Butterflies, Moths, Caddisflies)
  • Service for the international entomological community (e.g. loans, exchanges, reviews, inquiries, information, etc.)
  • Service for the public audience
  • Collection- based researc


Research interests

Focus of research on Systematics, Biodiversity and historical Biogeography of Trichoptera, aquatic Lepidoptera and Micro-Lepidoptera in Africa and South East Asia.

Research projects

  • Basic pattern of Lepidoptera diversity in southwestern Africa
  • Identification book to the Lepidoptera of southwestern Africa
  • The caddisfly fauna of the Philippines

Publications (Selection)

Mey, W., 1994: Taxonomische Bearbeitung der westpaläarktischen Arten der Gattung Leucoptera HÜBNER, [1825], s.l. (Lepidoptera, Lyonetiidae). - Dtsch. ent. Z., N.F. 41: 173-234.

Mey, W. (ed.), 2002: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Trichoptera, Potsdam, Germany 2000. – Nova Suppl. Entomol. 14, XXIV+664 pp.

Mey, W. (ed.), 2004: The Lepidoptera of the Brandberg Massif in Namibia, part 1. – Esperiana Memoir 1, 333 pp., 14 plts.

Mey, W., 2006: Revision of the genus Phyllobrostis STAUDINGER, 1859 (Lepidoptera, Lyonetiidae). - Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift, N.F. 53: 114-147.

Mey, W. (ed.), 2007: The Lepidoptera of the Brandberg Massif in Namibia, part 2. – Esperiana Memoir 4, 303 pp., 22 plts.

Dr. Wolfram Mey