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Touring Exihibition: Parasites – Live Undercover

Ausstellungsplakat "Parasiten - Life Undercover"

Borrow our international touring exhibition for your museum!

Parasites – Life Undercover is a journey into the world of parasites. With real parasite specimens and spectacular exhibits, the exhibition sheds light on how parasites have evolved over the course of evolution, why their adaptations and life cycles are so incredible, what influence they have on entire ecosystems, why they are extremely exciting research objects and sometimes medical helpers. But it also shows that man-made factors such as advancing climate change, globalization and growing megacities are encouraging the spread of parasites, as well as old and new diseases. This makes the exhibition more relevant than ever in times of COVID-19.

As a touring exhibition, Parasites - Life Undercover has travelled from Berlin via Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia to Australia and has inspired more than 2 million people. 



Parasites - Life Undercover puts original objects centre-stage: Real parasites embedded in acrylic resin and exquisite taxidermic specimens are the protagonists of the show. From tapeworms to vampire bats. High-quality models, such as a larger-than-life malaria mosquito, as well as stunning image and film material complete the presentation.

The exhibition is translated into your national language, English is provided as a second language.


The exhibition covers 10 themes:

  • Evolution of parasites: Is there fossil evidence of parasites? How did parasites develop during evolution?
  • Spectacular adaptation of parasites: What makes the flea so successful? Why do head lice feel so at home in day-care centres? How does the tick find its host?
  • Reproduction strategies: Why do amoebae sometimes reproduce with sex, sometimes without? How many eggs does a tapeworm produce? And why do some parasites rely on quality instead of quantity?
  • Parasites and pets: Which parasites infest our farm animals? How dangerous are rats as disease vectors in the city? And can our children contract dog and cat parasites while cuddling their pets?
  • Parasites and climate change: Will we soon have malaria mosquitoes in Germany due to increasing warming? How are ticks spreading due to climate change? And what souvenirs of a parasitic nature do we bring back from our holiday trips?
  • Human parasites: Who do humans live with? Of malaria pathogens and intestinal worms.
  • Controlled by parasites: Can parasites influence the behaviour of animals and humans they infest? How does this manipulation work?
  • Parasites as benefactors in medicine: Would you do maggot therapy? For which diseases are worms available on prescription?
  • Urban habitats: What diseases do wild animals transmit in the city? How do parasites get into our living space? Why are long-forgotten epidemics and emerging diseases such as Ebola, SARS, bird flu and swine flu on the rise today, and what does this have to do with the actions of us humans?
  • Cultural history: Are parasites already found in the Bible? How was the modern vaccination discovered? And what modern weapons of medicine do people use today in the fight against epidemics?

Exhibition space

The exhibition can be adapted to exhibition spaces between 250 and 450 m².

Rental Prize and conditions

The minimum rental period is three months. Please contact us directly regarding the rental fee.

Parasites – Life Undercover is a high quality international touring exhibition with maximum service for the renting institution.

Rental includes:

  • Translation into national language
  • Tailored exhibition layout for the gallery
  • Transport
  • Set-up and dismantling of the exhibition

Layout material for advertisement (posters, flyers etc.)


Please get in touch with us – we would be happy to answer any question you may have.

Linda Gallé

Curator, Exhibitions & Knowledge Transfer
phone:      +49 (0)30 889140 8960

Find all information also in our exhibition booklet.

  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung.
  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung.
  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung.
  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung.
  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung.
  • Das Foto zeigt eine Vielzahl an Fliegen, nebeneinander in Reihen fixiert.
  • Das Foto zeigt zwei Ratten, eine hat eine blutende Wunde.
  • Das Foto zeigt ein Modell einer Anopheles Mosquito in 60-facher Vergrößerung.
  • Das Foto zeigt einen präparierten Springbock mit Madenhacker.

The exhibition was curated by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Parasites – Life Undercover was kindly sponsored by Bayer HealthCare Animal Health.