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Dr. Bonnie Blaimer

  • Google Scholar profile

    • Unraveling patterns of diversity and endemism in ants of Madagascar.
    • Camponotine ants and their little helpers: phylogenomics of a hyperdiverse insect clade and its bacterial endosymbionts.
  • Research Scientist at the Center for Integrative Biodiversity Discovery

    Scientific Head, Hymenoptera collection

    My research interests lie in addressing contemporary questions in the evolution, community ecology, biogeography and systematics of insects, particularly ants and other members of the order Hymenoptera (ants, wasps and bees), with genomic and specimen-based methods. Projects focus on advancing our understanding of the historical and contemporary evolutionary processes and patterns that have shaped insect diversity and distributions, and on improving insect systematics through integrative approaches that combine molecular, morphological and ecological data. Additionally, I aim to extend current knowledge of insect diversity through field sampling and biodiversity discovery projects.