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Fünftes Journal Für Natur


Through the digitisation of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin's approximately 30 million objects, everyone will have the chance to use our knowledge of nature for a more sustainable and livable world in the future. Around 130 members of staff in the Science Programmes "Collection Future" are working non-stop on this vision. In this issue we take you to the sites of the opening and preservation of our collection.

The fifth Journal Für Natur is once again filled with knowledge from our research museum. On 18 December 2021, the print edition enclosed with the Tagesspiegel. The Journal is publish twice a year and accompanies the implementation of the Future Plan through the media in order to allow a broad public to participate in its shaping. The aim of the Future Plan is to intensify communication between science, culture and society. The next Journal Für Natur will be publish in June 2022.