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Experience the Bioeconomy from 2 November to 5 December 2021: The term bioeconomy has received considerable attention in politics, business and science in recent years. But what is actually behind this term and how does bioeconomy influence the relationship between nature and society?

The NaturFutur project, a cooperation between the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and Bioö, takes a look at different thematic fields of the bioeconomy. It spans an arc between abstract science on the one hand and the reality of citizens' lives on the other. This includes questions of daily consumption as well as questions of sustainable production with the help of new technologies. With its practical bridges, the project offers points of contact for diverse target groups.

As a place of participation, the experimental field of the Museum of Natural History is an excellent environment for such an experimental set-up. For five weeks, an interactive augmented reality exhibit can be experienced here, which opens up different approaches to the topic of bioeconomy. This opportunity for a digital voyage of discovery is in dialogue with a large number of exhibits that invite further discussion. Artistic interventions provide stimuli and generate new thought experiments.

Each of the five weeks focuses on one of the thematic areas. A multi-layered accompanying programme - workshops, guided tours, artistic interventions - not only provides a different approach, but also serves as a platform for discussion about conflicting goals for a sustainable future, competing uses of land and biomass, the connection between consumption and production, biotechnology and nature conservation. Visitors are explicitly invited to share their opinions, attitudes and convictions and thus contribute to the overall picture of the exhibition.

Further information can be found here.
Bioö is an information platform of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.