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Naturtiefen is the YouTube format of "Naturblick", an app developed at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, which encourages young adults to explore Berlin's nature. With this app, types of urban nature can be learned and determined, for example by image and audio recognition.

Protagonists of the city nature give insight into the research and research collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and take interested people on a journey of discovery. Stories are told about biodiversity and current social challenges such as climate change. Jan Hanisch, for example, gives bird tours in Berlin. He is firmly convinced that we humans are dependent on a vital diversity of species. However, the number of sparrows, for example, has now fallen sharply in many cities. The result of this year's bird counting campaign of the Nabu at the "Hour of Winter Birds" is again lower than in the long-term comparison, and not only for sparrows.  Biologist Silke Voigt-Heucke from the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin explains why this is the case and why monitoring the birds could counteract this.

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