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Discovering Nature in the City

App Naturblick, Foto: Torben Geek

Green cities provide space for experiencing nature, recreation and various encounters. However, nature can only be appreciated and protected if we approach it with understanding and knowledge. The Stadtnatur project raises awareness for nature in the city and provide digital environmental education. Our multidisciplinary team explores the possibilities of digital environmental education for an adult target group. We test ways of experiencing nature in the city individually and study their impact on the perception of city nature. Digital tools are not simply used, but developed further, for instance pattern recognition as a means of identifying species.

The "Naturblick" app is geared to young adults exploring Berlin’s nature. Easy-to-use identification keys help you to recognise species. You can record birdsong that is then automatically identified. The app has a map function that will point you to nature spots and give information about its biodiversity. In the process, you will learn more about your environment in its urban context and other current topics.

Download the app for free from Google Play ot the App Store.

Take part

The app development depends on the participation and feedback by users. Its technology and content are being constantly developed. On the Offene Naturführer (open nature guide) wiki, content can be suggested and uploaded. This will help enrich the content of the app over the course of time.


Project duration: March 2015 to December 2020

Project sponsor: Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit (BMU)

The project has been awarded as an official project of the “UN Decade on Biodiversity” and recieved the quality label “Ausgezeichnetes UN-Dekade Projekt 2018".