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Ulrike Sturm

Ulrike Sturm
  • Tasks

    Scientific Officer Innovation for Nature and Society



    • Sturm, U., Straka, T.M., Moormann, A., Egerer, M. (2021) Fascination and Joy: Emotions Predict Urban Gardeners’ Pro-Pollinator Behaviour. Insects. 12(9):785.
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    • Jäckel, D., Mortega, K.G., Sturm, U., Brockmeyer, U., Khorramshahi, O., Voigt-Heucke, S.L. (2021) Opportunities and limitations: A comparative analysis of citizen science and expert recordings for bioacoustic research. PLoS ONE 16(6): e0253763.
    • Planillo, A., Fiechter, L., Sturm. U., Voigt-Heucke, S., Kramer-Schadt S. (2021) Citizen science data for urban planning: comparing different sampling schemes for modelling urban bird distribution. Landscape and Urban Planning 211(6):104098
    • Sturm, U., Voigt-Heucke, S., Mortega, K.G., Moormann, A. (2020) Die Artenkenntnis von Berliner Schüler_innen am Beispiel einheimischer Vögel. ZfDN 26, 143–155.
    • Stehle, M., Lasseck. M., Khorramshahi, O., Sturm, U. (2020) Evaluation of acoustic pattern recognition of nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) recordings by citizens. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e50233.
    • Sturm, U.; Tscholl, M. (2019). The role of digital user feedback in a user-centred development process in citizen science. Journal of Science Communication, 18 (1): 1-19. DOI: 10.22323/2.18010203.
    • Sturm, U., Moormann, A. & Faber, A. (2018) Mobile learning in environmental citizen science: An initial survey of current practice in Germany. it - Information Technology, 60(1), pp. 3-9. doi:10.1515/itit-2017-0021
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