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The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Research, was evaluated. In the evaluation report by the distinguished international expert commission

  • achievements in research, infrastructure and knowledge transfer are judged 'very good to excellent';
  • the research museum is described as a driving force in the international museum landscape and as a globally visible role model;
  • the Zukunftsplan [future plan] of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is assessed as trend-setting and forward looking;  
  • the collective strategic development is emphasized as the basis for the outstanding achievements.

Read the full statement by the Leibniz Senate and the report by the expert commission here.

We invite you to get to know our multifaceted research institute and museum through the glasses of the evaluation report of the Evaluation Commission. Here we present projects and work areas that received special mention.

An evaluation is a challenge: on limited pages and within a few hours the Museum has to present its manifold tasks in a comprehensive way. Not an easy task - we research meteorite impacts and the development of the visual organs of brittle stars, examine deep-sea drill cores for plankton, conservationally develop and explore a collection of 30 million objects and make them available to society through digitisation, create the appropriate information technology infrastructure, involve citizens in biodiversity monitoring, develop apps and, almost in passing, plan exhibitions.

The institutes of the Leibniz Association are jointly funded by the Federal Government and the Länder on account of their supraregional importance and the importance of national science policy. The Joint Science Conference (GWK) has commissioned the Leibniz Association to evaluate each institute every seven years by an external commission of experts. This evaluation forms the basis for reviewing whether the conditions for public funding continue to be met.

Information on the evaluation 2019 can be found here:  Evaluation 2019

Information on the evaluation 2012 can be found here:  Evaluation 2012