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[bio'nd] Consumption - World Café


We will increasingly come into contact with bioeconomy products in our everyday lives: The packaging of food in the supermarket, urban agriculture right on our doorstep, biofuel for cars or planes or newly built furniture and houses made of bio-based materials. But bioeconomic production and consumption methods can change our everyday life "sustainably". Can the bioeconomy ultimately help us to consume more ethically and sustainably, both locally and globally?

At the World Café you will discuss different topics with other participants in small groups and also have the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with experts. In just a short time, you can learn about and discuss various perspectives, develop ideas and weigh them up.

This event is part of the [bio'nd] project on the occasion of the Science Year 2020|21 for bioeconomy, which is being realized at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in cooperation with the IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment and Ellery Studio.


Event information

  • Topic: [bio’nd] Consumption. How the bioeconomy changes consumption and lifestyles.
  • Participation via zoom. You will receive the link after successful registration.
  • Registration:
  • For adults and young people aged 16 and over.
  • Event in German



  • You will discuss with other participants in randomly selected small groups on various topics related to consumption and the question of how the bioeconomy can change consumption and lifestyles. Three different thematic rounds are planned, in which you will each receive input from an expert and discuss the visions for the future that have been presented. The discussion and the results will be simultaneously recorded on a digital pinboard.
  • Topic 1: „Bioplastik - vollständig abbaubar“ with Björn Gutschmann, project "PHABio-up" at the Technische Universität Berlin
  • Topic 2: „Suffizienz - Für eine Bioökonomie innerhalb der planetaren Grenzen“ with Jonas Daldrup, denkhausbremen
  • Topic 3: „Aqua Terra Ponik - Fische, die Gemüse gießen" with Markus Haastert, Stadtfarm


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