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Experimental Field for Participation and Open Science

In the Experimental Field, the Museum is testing various formats of research communication as well as new participatory approaches. As a space for direct interaction between science and citizens, we intend to open science to the public.

Many ethical questions cannot and should not be answered by scientists alone. A broad discussion is needed in order to make good decisions. We want to enrich our collections and research with the diverse perspectives and opinions of our visitors. The exchange with the public is a central element of our work, which is why direct communication between museum staff and visitors as well as insights into the everyday life of a research museum are made possible in the Experimental Field.

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Research in dialogue

Among other things, we pursue the goal of bringing scientists, visitors and citizens' researchers into dialogue, to bring research in the house into dialogue, to support mutual learning in dialogue and to promote young researchers in particular in science communication.

Live Talks "Diverse Science"

Science Communication Cafe

Museum Salon

Transcription Workshop

New perspectives on research and collection

We also pursue the goal of opening up science and giving various actors a space in the museum. To this end, we open up new perspectives on our collection and research.

Writing Workshop

Object Perspectives

Photography Workshop

Zine Workshops

Exchange forum

The exchange forum offers a platform for direct communication between all those involved in the museum. This includes researchers, visitors and employees. Regional participants, initiatives, academic and non-academic partners use the exchange forum and thus contribute to networking and opening up the museum.

Activism in the Museum: Laboratory of Dreams

Climate Change Workshops

Summer School: Climate Knowledge


Long-term projects

Glitzern & Denken - das Wissenschaftsvarieté

[bio'nd] Prospects for biobased futures.


All videos, streams & co. that were created in connection with past and future events of the Experimental Field can be found in our new Youtube-Playlist.