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The Science Year 2020/2021 is focused on bioeconomy. In collaboration with bioö and with the help of an augmented reality exhibit, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin wants to show different sides of this topic. The exhibition is located in the Eperimental Field fo Participation and Open Science.

For five weeks the combination of artistic interventions and the digital approach of the augmented reality exhibit invite to discover different aspects of bioeconomy. The aim is to build bridges between abstract science and the real life of visitors.

The exhibition concentrates on five different topics related to bioeconomy, highlighting one each week:

1. Soil | Growth | Food
2. Material | Fashion | Consumption
3. Production | Change | Circularity
4. City | Country | Diversity
5. Society | Research | Dialogue

The accompanying multilayered program – consisting of workshops, talks and a city tour – is the basis for discussions of daily consumption and sustainable production.


02.11.2021 Fenster mit Aussicht - Susanne Hecker meets Christian Ulrichs
03.11.2021 An die Natur - an artistic workshop
09.11.2021 Fenster mit Aussicht - Jörg Freyhof meets Martin Reinhart
10.11.2021 An die Natur - an artistic workshop
11.11.2021 Bioeconomy-Lab - Dyeing with algae
11.11.2021 Bioeconomy Talk
16.11.2021 Fenster mit Aussicht - Elisabeth Heyne meets André Mascarenhas
23.11.2021 Fenster mit Aussicht - Susan Karlebowski meets Mathias Grote
30.11.2021 Fenster mit Aussicht - Nike Sommerwerk meets Ioannis Papadakis and Ingmari Tietje 

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