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Digital Science Communication Cafe

Dr. Anna Henschel und einer ihrer Robotor

In April 2021 we continue digitally with fresh coffee and very exciting research! The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin once again invites you to the Digital Science Communication Cafe. This month in German. Get ready to get exciting insights from scientist into their work while drinking coffee in front of the screens in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is invited to ask questions and contribute to the conversation.
This time we are joined by Dr. Anna Henschel, neuropsychologist and research associate at the Gender in Medicine Institute (Charité Berlin). Anna's research is on social robots. These robots often have human faces or features and allow scientists to ask exciting questions about when a machine becomes a real interaction partner. So when do we perceive these machines as truly "real"?

The systems in the brain that have long been specialized to respond to human cues could eventually be addressed by human-like robots - right? Anna will ask these and more questions about our future with social robots at our Digital Science Communication Cafe and try to answer them from a psychological and neuroscientific perspective.

Event information

  • Topic: What does our future look like with social robots?
  • with Dr. Anna Henschel, neuropsychologist and research associate at the Gender in Medicine Institute (Charité Berlin)
  • Moderation: Franziska Sattler
  • Participation via Zoom and YouTube
  • Following the event, we would be pleased if you would take part in our short group evaluation in the Zoom meeting.
  • Event in German

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