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The Doughnut as a Mindset


How can we save threatened ecosystems and live in greater harmony with nature? How can biodiversity conservation be a more integral part of politics and economics? What does an economic system look like that lets us use fewer resources and better protect the web of life? What contributions can artistic perspectives make?

These are the questions we will address in depth in the English-language event "The Doughnut as a Mindset: A Conversation on How to Redraw the World". Together with our cooperation partners, the Arts & Nature Social Club (ANSC) who is hosting the event and Donut Berlin, the get-together will take place at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

Event information

  • 16 September, start at 20:30
  • Event Speakers:
  • Moderated by Jörg Geier and Christin Bettinghaus (ANSC)
  • Musical enjoyment provided by the solo performance of singer Alina Süggeler (Frida Gold).
  • Due to the pandemic situation, on-site participation is only for invited guests.
  • Join us via YouTube and feel free to ask your questions in the chat!

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  • Donut Berlin is a voluntary initiative that aims to establish a new way of thinking about the economy and society with the Donut Economy. A way of thinking that aims for balance and participation, celebrates life and diversity, respects the limits of nature and enables its regeneration - in short, enables the good life for all within planetary boundaries.
  • The Arts & Nature Social Club (ANSC) is a platform for the development of creative, sustainable solutions in the face of pressing social, political challenges; especially in relation to our (human) relationship to nature and other forms of life. In doing so, the club takes up the classic form of political-philosophical salons and combines it with new communication possibilities. The central idea is to address both the head and the heart, i.e. to combine intellectually challenging solution concepts and corresponding lectures and discussions with presentations and live performances of art and music.
  • The event is funded by the Leibniz-Aktionsplan II of the Leibniz Research Museums under the slogan "A World on the Move". The event marks the start of the three-day Donut Berlin Festival.
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