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Kaffeeklatsch mit Wissenschaft


In May, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin presents the Digital Science Communication Coffee. Get ready to get exciting insights from scientists into their work while drinking coffee in front of the screens in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is invited to ask questions and contribute to the entertainment.

In the digital issue of Kaffeeklatsch mit Wissenschaft, Anna Taranko will present her work in the Department of Immunology. As a research assistant at the Charité and the German Rheumatism Research Centre Berlin, she is researching the autoimmune disease of systemic lupus erythematosus, also known as butterfly rash. Her work focuses on the cells of the innate defence system and their relevance for the course of the disease in the kidney. Using a laser scanning microscope, the immune cells and surrounding tissue structures can be made visible and photographed.

At the Kaffeeklatsch, Anna would like to give us an insight into the basics of immunology and autoimmune diseases as well as into the work of a scientist and how this has changed due to the contact restrictions caused by COVID-19.


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  • Anna Taranko will give Franziska Sattler and the online audience an insight into her research on the autoimmune disease lupus erythematosus (butterfly rash) and talk about current research at the Charité together with the participants. In addition, she will explain how her work has changed during the time of COVID-19.


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