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Netzwerk Naturwissen im Gespräch: Wie wir uns den Klimawandel erzählen, ohne zu verstummen

Ein Buch mit dem Titel "Der Anfag einer neuen Welt" steht auf einem Tisch, im Hintergrund ist verschwommen die Autorin zu sehen

Climate change influences our everyday lives. The ever new weather records are not the only indication of this. While, on the one hand, the phenomena are becoming increasingly visible and perceptible in Germany, too, the stories about the current situation, however, seem to remain in stereotypes. How do we tell each other about this world that is changing so much? How do we view ourselves as human beings in this world and how can we open up possibilities, especially through stories, not to fall silent?

In her new book "Der Anfang eine neuen Welt", Birgit Schneider shows changes of perspective and unusual ways of looking at things, expanding our powers of imagination and creating a connection between knowledge and action.

As part of the Netzwerk Naturwissen im Gespräch series of events, she will present her book and discuss it with Dr Elisabeth Heyne, who also works on the topic of human-nature relations and is a member of Netzwerk Naturwissen.


Birgit Schneider is Professor of Cultures of Knowledge and Media Environments at the University of Potsdam, specialising in various fields of research, including images and modes of perception of climate, critical cartography, images of ecology and questions of natural aesthetics. She is the founder of the research group "Eco Media: Medien der Natur" and also co-leads the international research project "Weather Reports – Wind as Model, Media and Experience". She recently published a series of interviews she conducted with international researchers on the question "Re-imagine climate change communication" on the platform

Elisabeth Heyne is a researcher at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and part of the Netzwerk Naturwissen. She leads the project Changing Natures. Collecting the Anthropocene Together in cooperation with the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle Paris. She studied General and Comparative Literature and French Philology in Berlin, Paris and Córdoba and did her PhD at the TU Dresden and the University of Basel on Wissenschaften vom Imaginären. Sammeln, Sehen, Lesen und Experimentieren bei Roger Caillois und Elias Canetti (Berlin: DeGruyter 2020).

Event information

  • 08.06.2023, 18:30 – 20:00
  • Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Experimental Field
  • Registration: Participation is free of charge, prior registration by email to is required.
  • Please note that the event will be held in German.