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Netzwerk Naturwissen

In der Ausstellung vor der Biodiversitätswand ist ein Gruppentisch mit einer Stehlampe aufgebaut. Mitglieder des Netzwerks kommen hier miteinander ins Gespräch.

Climate change, species extinction or biodiversity loss: It has become obvious that the challenges of the present cannot be overcome alone. A comprehensive picture unquestionably requires a multitude of perspectives. The Museum für Naturkunde with its "Netzwerk Naturwissen" (Network of Nature Knowledge) is the venue for a collaboration with partners from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Encounter and exchange generate new knowledge. In view of the current ecological change processes and challenges, the Netzwerk Naturwissen is establishing a platform that rethinks collaborations and promotes mutual learning processes. Together with partners from various disciplines and institutions, the network opens up a space to search for, negotiate and share explorative, different answers to jointly posed questions on the annual topic of "species extinction". It embarks - metaphorically speaking - on an expedition in which it leaves familiar paths behind. 

This is happening in the context of the evident fact that no single perspective can adequately describe and shape the interactions between nature, societies, technologies and the environment. It is true that many global declarations of intent suggest a normative consensus on necessary changes. However, such efforts leave open how such intentions shared on paper can be implemented in practice.  This is the point of departure for us as Netzwerk Naturwissen to explore new and innovative approaches. Such a quest is based on a broader concept of knowledge that combines experience and expertise.

The Netzwerk Naturwissen provides an environment for such spaces of experience and knowledge in which knowledge of nature is created. This knowledge of nature encompasses an examination of a concept of nature along a number of themes. As people come together here, new connections emerge from which cooperation projects grow. Through a framework that emerges in this way, knowledge of nature can be questioned in the long term and put under greater strain.

The individual projects are part of a common story. How do we move from knowledge to action? How can we gain insights from such a process? We want to document, visualise and make this accessible by means of a collaboratively created common knowledge map as a source of knowledge.  An "atlas of knowledge" is being created - as an orientation and documentation tool and as an offer to enter into a conversation about it. It is a glimpse of a piece of the world. Depending on experiences and imprints, habits of perception are reflected in it. Putting these in relation to each other is part of an exciting journey of exploration.

Find out who is part of the Netzwerk Naturwissen and what drives them! Explore our Netzwerk Naturwissen map.

Eine Karte die die Verortung der Mitglieder des Netzwerk Naturwissen im Raum Berlin/Brandenburg zeigt.

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