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Netzwerk Naturwissen

Bunte Verbindungslinien zeigen wie die Akteure unseres Netzwerks miteinander verbunden sind. Das Bild wurde beim ersten Netzwerktreffen erarbeitet.

Climate change, species extinction or biodiversity loss: it has become obvious that the challenges of the present cannot be overcome alone. A comprehensive picture unquestionably requires a multitude of perspectives. The Museum für Naturkunde with its "Netzwerk Naturwissen" (Network of Nature Knowledge) is the venue for a collaboration with partners from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Encounter and exchange generate new knowledge. In view of the current ecological change processes and challenges, the Netzwerk Naturwissen is establishing a platform that rethinks collaborations and promotes mutual learning processes. Together with partners from different disciplines and institutions, the network opens up a space to explore different answers to a jointly posed question on the annual topic of "species extinction". After all, it is obvious that no one discipline/perspective alone can adequately describe and shape the complex interactions between nature, societies, technologies and the environment. In view of the global ecological, political and social changes, we are rather dependent on different partners with their experiences, insights and expertise. Even beyond the strict boundaries of the sciences. 

A "map of knowledge" is being created as an orientation and documentation tool, and as an offer to enter into a conversation about the momentous questions on which it is based.