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Netzwerk Naturwissen on tour: Charcoal burning-workshop with artist Ulrike Mohr

In front of a lake there are three fireplaces with barrels from which smoke rises. The barrels are used for charcoal burning.

Discover the fascinating connection between nature, culture and art at a charcoal burner workshop with sculptor Ulrike Mohr! The project was developed as part of the Netzwerk Naturwissen, an initiative of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and its partners from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Our extensive collection contain objects from different eras of time that offer a unique insight into the geological history of our planet. From prehistoric fossils to geological formations, each object tells its own story and allows us to understand past ecosystems and life on our planet. At the same time, they represent the impact of humans on nature and emphasize the need to understand, document and preserve our environment. This unique collection is not only testimony to botanical diversity, but also fascinating insights into the history and evolution of the plant world.

For the artist Ulrike Mohr, this material serves as the starting point for her artistic work. She reflects on the connection between nature and culture, the significance of trees in different cultural contexts and how we can understand and interpret nature through collecting, preserving and presenting it. Her position as a sculptor is the result of a process-oriented approach to contextual materials that are transformed into temporal dimensions, experiments and drawings in space.

During the workshop we will ask ourselves various questions: 

  • What does it mean to transform 15 million year old wood into charcoal?
  • What temporality is revealed in the process?
  • What processes take place? 

The observation of temporality is becoming increasingly topical today against the backdrop of advancing climate change.

In the "laboratory" on site, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with the objects and enter into a dialog. Together with the participants, our attending artist will take the opportunity to discuss the fascinating aspects of our collection and discover new perspectives.

Be part of this exciting journey of exploration and be inspired by the beauty and complexity of our natural world!

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Credits event picture: Ulrike Mohr (VG BildKunst); Vlado Velkov Kunstverein Arnsberg, Möhnesee, 2017