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Perspectives for the future of conservational institutions and collection practices

Anthropocenic Objects workshop

Part of a series of workshops on "Anthropocenic Objects. Collecting Practices for the Age of Humans". A cooperation on material culture in the Anthropocene and the changing role of museums, archives, digital and participatory collections of the Museum für Naturkunde and Europeana.  Dates: 17 February, 17 March and 14 April 2022.

Third workshop: Perspectives for the future of conservational institutions and collection practices

Knowledge production for the challenges of the future calls for radical transdisciplinarity. This call also questions the traditional division of museums by discipline and creates new consequences for science, preservation practices and knowledge transfer. Thus, we have to reconsider the social and cultural dimensions of existing museum collections and rethink the organization of knowledge production in museums and archives.

In two previous workshops we invited museum experts, practitioners and interdisciplinary theorists to think about the concept of "Anthropocenic objects". Together, we discussed how such objects can point us towards new collection practices involving participatory research, open science, crowdsourcing and digital collections.

Based on these discussions, the final workshop of our series will address the overarching questions of how museums, collections and science need to open up in the face of the Anthropocene: How to connect natural and cultural heritage on an institutional level? How to combine local and global perspective, research and society, digital and analogue practices? We will exchange perspectives to gather different ideas and visions that can guide us towards future reorganizations of collections and collective knowledge.

Event information

  • Hybrid event for and with interdisciplinary researchers and museum professionals,
  • organized by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin as part of a project in collaboration with Europeana Research within the Europeana Research Grants Programme.
  • Participants can attend in person at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin or online via Zoom.
  • The workshop is centered on the exchange of theoretical and practical perspectives and joint reflection.
  • Invited speakers are asked to bring an object (or its digital representation) that can be described as an Anthropocenic object from their point of view.
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Further information

An event of the projects Changing Natures. Collecting the Anthropocene Together, Access, Innovation, Networking project in the framework of the Future Plan and the Innovation in Public Engagement unit at the Museum of Natural History Berlin – Leibniz Institute for Research on Evolution and Biodiversity, funded by and in cooperation with Europeana Research Grant Programme 2021.