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Slimy! – The Scientific Variety Show


It will be "Slimy!" at the Museum für Naturkunde. The scientific variety show Glitzern & Denken combines art with science and underground with high culture - music, artistry and stories enter into a creative dialogue with science. The upcoming shows are dedicated to the mollusc tribe. Experience live on YouTube new and bizarre things about snails, mussels and squids.

Glitzern & Denken experiments with new ways of speaking in the context of variety evening events. In the museum's Experimental Field for Participation and Open Science, a space is thus created in which people from different backgrounds talk about science at eye level. At the center: fascination and curiosity for nature.

The project „Glitzern & Denken – das Wissenschaftsvarieté im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin" opens a new kind of dialogue between culture, science and society. Project partners are the Ensemble Salon Fähig and Wissenschaft im Dialog. The project is funded by the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin.


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Ensemble Salon Fähig and scientist from the Museums für Naturkunde

  • Ines Theileis (artistic director, presenter and singer)
  • Philip Golle (co presenter and performer)
  • Nora Lentge-Maaß (scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin)
  • Katharina von Oheimb (scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin)
  • Parm von Oheimb (scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin)
  • Apollo Garcia (clowning)
  • The Red Chucks (Berlin based Street Swing Band)
  • Stefan Tietz (light artist)
  • and many more


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