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What do SARS-CoV2, heat waves and risk plans have in common? An exercise in transdisciplinary thinking and action.


In order to be able to talk digitally about various topics related to parasites, the spread of pathogens, global health and our relationship with nature, we will start with our event series on the 20th of April. We will address current issues relating to the coronavirus and the transmission from animals to humans. Every Monday we invite scientists to talk to us about their research and discuss our questions.

At the moment we are all intensively searching for solutions to fight Covid-19. Besides measures to contain it, research on effective drugs and preventive vaccinations is in full swing. In addition to work directly on the virus, consideration in other contexts is urgently needed. In our Live Talk on Monday, we will deal with the question of what effects a possible next heat wave could have in combination with the coronavirus? It is also a matter of seeing where risks exist in our own environment and what we can do to prevent and during a heat wave.


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