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Wildlife Trade and Public Health - how we manage risks of zoonotic disease better?


In order to be able to talk digitally about various topics related to parasites, the spread of pathogens, global health and our relationship with nature, we started with our event series on the 20th of April. We will address current issues relating to the coronavirus and the transmission from animals to humans. Every Monday we invite scientists to talk to us about their research and discuss our questions.

We look forward to an exciting conversation with Dr. Aili Kang, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society's Asia Program. COVID 19 pandemic puts spotlight on the relationship between wildlife trade and emerging zoonotic disease. Commercial wildlife trade creates more risks than benefit for human society and nature. This talk starts from basic understanding public health risks along wildlife trade chain, to examples about negative impact of illegal wildlife trade for both conservation and human society. We would like to discuss with you what measures we, as individuals, can take to protect ourselves and our environment.


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