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Special Interest Groups

(c) Hwa Ja Götz

Scientists, amateur collectors and other interested individuals come together in specialist groups at the Museum für Naturkunde to discuss various scientific topics. Our special interest groups support us by organising information stalls and outreach events, including childrens' parties and Long Nights.


The special interest group for mineralogy/geology at the Museum für Naturkunde is an informal group comprising hobby collectors and interested individuals who meet every first Tuesday each month (not in August) for a specialist talk. Guests are welcome at these meetings/talks.

The programme for 2024 can be found in this PDF file (in German).

  • The talks usually take place in the Museum's Hörsaal (auditorium) 8 at 17:30, Invalidenstraße 43, 10115 Berlin. 
  • Doors are open from 17:00. 
  • We apologise that these events are not fully accessible for the disabled.
  • Contact: Dr. Ralf T. Schmitt

Kulturring in Berlin e.V. – Special interest group Palaeontology

Every 3rd Tuesday in a month, hobby collectors and other visitors interested in palaeontology meet at the Museum für Naturkunde for specialist talks on palaentology given by scientists from the Museum, the Freie Universität or the Technische Universität. There will be opportunity for discussion with the scientists and questions from the audience after the talks. Anybody interested in palaeontology is very welcome to join.

The programme for the first half of 2024 can be found in this PDF file (in German).

  • All meetings are held in German. 
  • The talks always begin at 18:00.
  • Meeting point: Lecture Hall 8 or Portal 5

Entomological Society ORION Berlin est. 1890

The Entomological Society ORION Berlin wants to kindle enthusiasm for insect species diversity in our region, particularly in young people. The protection of threatened insect species and their biotopes are also in the focus of ORION’s work. Members of "ORION" are involved in

  • The observation of insects outdoors, particularly in Berlin and Brandenburg, but also in Europe and overseas.
  • Academic faunistic research
  • Insect breeding
  • Exchange between specialists and amateurs

Every second Tuesday in the month, the Entomologische Gesellschaft (Entomological Society) Orion Berlin and the Fachgruppe Entomologie Berlin im NABU organise lectures at the Museum für Naturkunde.

Please note that due to current measures to effectively contain the coronavirus, no events will be held for the time being.

Meeting point at Portal 5 of the Museum at 19:00. Every forth Tuesday of the month, the ORION Society meets at the Humboldt Exploratorium of the Museum to identify insects, work on the Society's collection and plan group events such as excursions. Guests are always welcome.

Deutscher Jugendbund für Naturbeobachtung (DJN, Young Naturalists)

The DJN group of Brandenburg and Berlin is a motley group of young people with an interest in natural history and politics, coming from Eberswalde, Potsdam, Berlin and surrounding areas. The region is one of the most fascinating areas Germany has to offer in terms of natural history, such as the moorlands, lakes and woods of Schorfheide, the Oder valley, former military training areas, and the Havel region with its lakes, indigenous woodland and marshland.

The group explores these on their excursions, looking at the rich flora and fauna. The programme is varied – anything goes, as long as it is good fun – whether it is group excursions, scientific lectures, discussion forums or building nest boxes. Students and pupils, volunteers and apprentices, with or without experience – all are welcome to join.

The group meets every Thursday at the Microscopy Centre in the Museum. At these meetings, they take a more detailed look at some animal and plant species, identify specimens, discuss political and conservation topics and plan their next excursion. Weekends are often spent at the great outdoors, all year round – there is always something to watch and new things to be learned.

  • Group meetings every Thursday at the Museum für Naturkunde at 18:00.
  • Please register in advance.


Information and Route Description for Special Interest Group Meetings

All events organised by the special interest groups at the Museum für Naturkunde take place either in one of the lecture theatres or in the Microscopy Centre. The usual meeting point is Portal 5 at the Museum (Point 5 on the route map) or Auditorium 8 (Point 11 on the route map). If you have any further queries regarding these events and meeting points, please contact the special interest groups directly.

  • Download the route map here:

Image removed.wegeplan_mfn.pdf

  • Directions to the Museum can be found here.