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Parasites – Life Undercover digital

In times of the corona pandemic, everyday life comes to a standstill. Currently a visit to the museum is not possible for everyone. Nevertheless, it is possible to visit our website. Therefore, we tried to convert our exhibition Parasites Life Undercover into a digital format. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. That is why you will find a selection of the most exciting, interesting or bizarre stories from the exhibition here. Curators Cut so to speak.

Discover 9 topics - just click on the questions below the pictures and find out what's behind them.

What does mouse urine have to do with evolution?

Does life under water protect against lice?

How should the transition to parasitism be imagined?

Do real vampires exist?

How does the tick find its host?

Why do head lice feel so comfortable in kindergartens?

Do amoebas have sex?

How many eggs does a tapeworm produce?

Why do seagulls let themselves be fooled by a small parasite?

Can house cats be dangerous?

Why should you worm your dog regularly?

What do parasites have to do with world food?  

Can I bring a dog from my vacation?

How do mosquitoes travel around the world?

Why are ticks happy about mild winters?

Why not eat wild animals without hesitation?

Why would a vaccine against malaria be worth a Nobel Prize?

Can walking barefoot be dangerous?

Who is the master of manipulation?

Can parasites determine the sex of their hosts?

Why do some maggots love snail feelers?

Are flies the better surgeons?

Why do leeches inhibit inflammation?

Who voluntarily swallows worm eggs?

Why not get too close to raccoons?

Is it safe to sleep in hotels?

How does human activity promote the spread of epidemics?