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Analogue and digital: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin reached over one million people in 2020

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Press release,

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin reached more than one million people in the pandemic year. During the opening of the exhibition, 266,698 people visited the museum, took part in events or guided tours. Digital live formats from the museum also achieved 666,960 views in 2020. The podcasts "Beats & Bones" and "Süßes oder Saurier" were streamed almost 90,000 times. The positive feedback on the digital offerings inspires to expand them further, even if the exhibitions will reopen.

"It is part of our plan for the future to consider how the museum of the future needs to be socially embedded. We are currently experimenting with new formats and various methods of introducing people to our museum, as well as ways of approaching groups of people. Nature concerns us all. Therefore, we need to initiate a dialogue about our use of nature and enable engagement with these issues in different ways and for different target groups", says Johannes Vogel, Director General of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. 

This approach is also reflected in the diversity of the most accessed live formats in 2020, which included a livestream on TikTok with a taxidermist, the livestream "The Sound of Biodiversity" implemented together with United We Stream and DJ Dominik Eulberg, and the digital event series "Ritter Butzke on tour", which stopped at the museum three times. The top 10 also includes the science variety show "Glitzern & Denken" about the museum's mollusc collection, which was streamed in November 2020, and a digital picnic about the nightingale in culture ("Picnic & Poetry at home").

The museum's two podcasts are also a success story. "Beats & Bones", launched in summer 2020, had almost 70,000 streams by the end of the year, with about two-thirds of listeners aged between 23 and 34. "Süßes oder Saurier", the knowledge podcast for children, was first released in November 2020 and reached more than 20,000 streams. It is thus on its way to becoming the most listened to children's podcast in the DACH area. The second season of "Beats & Bones" will start on 17 January 2021. The next season of "Süßes oder Saurier" is also already being planned.

In addition to podcasts and live formats, the museum also found its way into numerous living rooms in Berlin, Germany and the world with YouTube tours offered for the first time and other social media formats. The offers will be continued and further expanded in 2021 in order to let people experience exhibition, collection and research digtally and to inspire people for nature.

An overview of the digital offers including the social media channels here: #fürNatur digital.

Current information on the website.

United We Stream: The Power of Biodiversity

Ritter Butzke on tour mit Monika Kruse

Glitzern & Denken – das Wissenschaftsvarieté

Picnic & Poetry at home

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