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Beats & Bones wins German Audiobook Award

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Press release,

Yesterday evening, live from the WDR Funkhaus, the "Best Podcast" was awarded for the third time at the German Audiobook Prize. The winner is: Beats & Bones, the podcast of the Museum für Naturkunde in cooperation with Berliner Sparkasse and produced by Auf die Ohren GmbH.

Dead spiders don't lie. Batwoman saves the currently bad reputation of bats. The Frog King lives among us. And the thing about the dinosaur-blood-drunk mosquito in the amber and the resurrection of Jurassic Park is not true anyway, says the expert – incidentally one of 200 scientists at the museum who are researching 30 million objects. They analyse, scan and prepare. The research results are shared with society in various ways. Papers are written, lectures are held  and some of them talk about what happens behind closed doors at the museum in the podcast "Beats & Bones". Host Lukas Klaschinski asks all the questions (Why is it hard to fly with a full bladder?) he can think of to help people understand the world better.

With 282 submissions, the Audiobook Prize continued to attract a large number of participants in the pandemic year. The German Audiobook Prize is awarded to German-language audiobook productions which demonstrate and highlight the strengths and possibilities of the acoustic medium in a special way through their quality and which thus have an exemplary effect. The "German Audiobook Award" has set itself the task of, on the one hand, reflecting the diversity of the current audiobook market and, on the other hand, ensuring a standard of quality by awarding productions as well as making it easier for listeners to choose and providing orientation.

Relevant topics, harmonious composition, best entertainment – that's why Beats & Bones won the award for Best Podcast at the German Audiobook Award this year. The museum podcast explains developments, contexts and backgrounds in the field of natural history and biodiversity – refreshingly different and also likeable. The episodes are well-founded as well as entertaining, instructive but not lecturing. Host Lukas Klaschinski's questions add the necessary podcast-like, personal touch. The name Beats & Bones says it all: beats appear again and again in the sound design, which are sonically surprising, lovingly composed and harmoniously blend with the spoken word. There are also documentary elements, with a narrator providing entertaining storytelling moments.

Beats & Bones brings knowledge and the best entertainment together in a new, surprising way. The podcast opens the ears to the fascination of nature and the big questions of life. It inspires a positive, sustainable approach to the earth. The topic could hardly be more socially relevant and topical.