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First vaccinate, then dinosaur

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Blick vom Foyer in den Sauriersaal des Museums für Naturkunde
Press release, 16-09-2021

On Saturday, 18 September, a mobile vaccination campaign will take place at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin between 10:00 am and 05:00 pm. After the vaccination peep, visitors can immediately visit the exhibition free of charge. Not only the dinosaurs are happy about every visitor.

The parasite exhibition is also worth a visit, with its current reference to the pandemic. One of the world's best research groups on bats talks about the danger or non-danger posed by the animals. Christian Drosten, Charité, will speak on the topic of viruses. These highly topical subjects help to develop an understanding of how complex and diverse the interrelationships between organisms are and how globally networked society is.

"I am pleased that with the Museum für Naturkunde we have been able to win another important partner to support the Corona vaccination campaign," says the Deputy District Mayor and District Councillor of Mitte, Ephraim Gothe.

For the Managing Director of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Stephan Junker, it is a matter of the heart that the museums and other cultural institutions remain open. "What is necessary for this is a higher vaccination rate. That is why we support the vaccination campaign. Our research museum thrives on direct dialogue with visitors, even though we have fantastic online services."

"We have to thank everyone who works in the health system, in science, in politics. It is a wonderful achievement that so many people can be vaccinated so quickly in Germany. This shows what strength Germany has. A safe world is a vaccinated world. My family and I are vaccinated. Get vaccinated too!" was the thanks and appeal of the Director General of the Museum, Johannes Vogel.