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Johannes Vogel awarded the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin

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 Johannes Vogel award the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin
Press release,

"We will take on more responsibility for 'NaturBerlin – City of Living Diversity'", explains Professor Johannes C. Vogel on the occasion of today's awarding of the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin to him.

"Awards motivate me. The award of the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin is a great incentive and an even greater honour. Above all, it is an appreciation of the achievements of all the colleagues at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin," says Professor Dr Johannes Vogel, who was awarded the Order of Merit today by the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner, for his commitment to the city of Berlin.

The museum's commitment to the city's society is also a matter of self-interest. "Only in conversation with all the people of this city do we learn what is needed, what creative ideas, what concerns, but also what innovative approaches there are to create a good life for everyone and everything on a healthy planet. Only by talking to all the people in this city can we contribute with our knowledge, with our research and educational activities to develop concrete steps on this path," adds the scientist, who is Professor of Biodiversity and Public Science at Humboldt University.

"The well-being of all of us depends on us getting moving. The question we should answer again every day is: How can we serve each other and strengthen the diversity of life concretely here locally, but also regionally and nationally? How can we contribute to ensuring that all children in this city have an education and a future? How can we concretely shape our own lives so that all people in this city can live a good life?

For this, we need a social debate in which everyone can participate. Let's start listening to each other instead of picking on each other. Let's start talking to each other instead of shouting at each other. Let us start telling each other what we need instead of judging each other. To create a good future, everyone is needed. In the future, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin will take on even more responsibility for nature and society in Berlin. We want to contribute to knowledge-based decision-making, effective activation and action for 'NaturBerlin – City of Living Diversity‘ on an individual level (e.g. education, participation, citizen science) as well as on a societal level (e.g. exhibitions, public engagement, social innovation, policy advice). We will continue to create spaces for exchange and experiment with new ways of working together. With our diverse research activities and educational offers, we are already promoting the Berlin Strategy on Biological Diversity and the educational model for a green and sustainable Berlin together with various actors.

In this way, let us also revive our democracy! In order to preserve and expand nature and our future on this planet, we need a living democracy. The Order of Merit of the State of Berlin will personally encourage and spur me on every day to contribute to this."