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The fellow program Free Knowledge (Freies Wissen) initiated by Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. and the Stifterverband starts into a second round this autumn. The program supports the implementation of Open Science in practice by awarding stipends for young researchers. The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin serves as research partner offering qualification on Citizen Science. The call for proposals for the fellow program starts on 9th June 2017.

Information on the fellow program can be found here: https://wikimedia.de/wiki/BildungWissenschaftKultur/Fellowprogramm.


For questions please contact:

Claudia Göbel

European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), AG Open Science und Citizen Science

c/o Museum für Naturkunde Berlin


030 889140 8429


David Ziegler

Citizen Science Platform Buergerschaffenwissen.de


030 889140 8739


Dr. Katrin Vohland

Research Director of Science Programme Public Engagement with Science


030 889140 8945


Dr. Gesine Steiner

Press Officer and Director of Media and Communication


030 889140 8917