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Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Hauptfassade
Press release,

Two activists taped themselves to metal bars under dinosaur skeletons today. Thankfully, the action was ended by the police in less than an hour. There was property damage. Criminal charges have been filed.

The Director General Prof. Dr. Johannes Vogel and the Managing Director Stephan Junker:

"The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has been committed to stopping climate change and man-made species extinction for more than ten years. With our current exhibition of dinosaurs from three geological eras, we want to consciously think about the dangers that arise from the climate and biodiversity crisis stimulate. The experiment 'Changing Natures. Collecting the Anthropocene together' invites to consider the role of humans in these crises. Just two current examples from our house.

Our scientifically based activities are aimed at working with civil society to develop knowledge-based solutions for a good life within the planetary boundaries and – where we are required as a scientific institute – to implement them. We welcome all nonviolent action aimed at civil society-led transformation and encouraging people of all backgrounds to act together.

Scientifically, we make our contribution by researching how the diversity of life came about, how it developed and changed. We are happy to make this knowledge available to everyone: in dialogues, cooperations, conferences, discussion rounds and in projects outside the walls of our museum. We take our vision 'For Nature' seriously and are aware of our responsibility for nature and democracy."