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Researching together: New prize for Citizen Science

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Eine Bürger schaut bei einer Veranstaltung zu Citizen Science in ein Teleskop
Press release, 12-07-2023

The "Knowledge of the Many – Research Prize for Citizen Science", which is awarded for the first time in 2023, honors excellent scientific achievements in citizen science projects with prize money totaling 35,000 euros. The goal of the prize is to strengthen the recognition of citizen science in science and to promote the active participation of citizens in research.

The winners receive 20,000 euros for first place, 10,000 euros for second place and 5,000 euros for third place. The prize is awarded by Wissenschaft im Dialog and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin as part of the Bürger schaffen Wissen project. The prize is judged by an interdisciplinary jury of professors. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports the award. Participatory researchers from Germany can apply for the prize via the website until 25 September. Both internal and external nominations are possible. The award ceremony will take place on 29 November in Freiburg im Breisgau as part of the Forum Citizen Science.

Scientists from any discipline and professional experience level can apply with an outstanding research work based on Citizen Science. The nominated person must be the first author of the work submitted and be affiliated with a German research institution (university, technical college or non-university research institute).

The professional quality and the social dimension of the submitted works are taken into account for the evaluation. In addition, the jury focuses on the added value of Citizen Science for research and on the quality of involving citizens in the research process. The prize money enables the prizewinners to further expand their activities in the field of Citizen Science and is to be used for a specific purpose.

Picture: Karo Krämer