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Süßes oder Saurier

Press information, 29.10.2020

Cassettes are long gone, today there are podcasts: Just in time for Halloween, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin will be releasing the children's podcast "Süßes oder Saurier" from 4 November 2020. Whether dinosaurs, hamsters or the wild animals of Berlin – the podcast brings the whole range of nature into the children's room. More nature is not possible.

Were dinosaurs green? Do hamsters and guinea pigs want to cuddle with us? And why do volcanoes steam? The reporter team of Jule Kaden and Sparky, the mascot of the Berliner Sparkasse, get to the bottom of these and many other children's questions. They learn more about cute animals, real dinosaurs and fascinating secrets of nature from the museum's experts. The result is curious stories from the world of nature and animals for children to listen to. Even adults can learn something here.

"Even four-year-olds know the Latin technical term Tyrannosaurus rex. But do they also know the wild animals on their doorstep? With the children's podcast, we bring the entire range of nature into children's rooms and get children excited about nature," says Johannes Vogel, Director General. "Understanding nature and learning curiosities is fun.  ‘Süßes oder Saurier’ opens the doors to science, to today's world as well as to the world long before our time".

The first season with ten episodes is published every 14 days on Wednesdays.  “Süßes oder Saurier”, which may be translated with “Trick or T. rex”, will be available from 4 November on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast and everywhere else where podcasts are available.

The podcast complements the "Beats & Bones" podcast, which has been available since August 2020. Both podcasts are created in the context of the cooperation between Berliner Sparkasse and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. "Our cooperation makes curious about nature. To satisfy this curiosity, all children can send us their questions, the most frequent ones are answered in the podcast. We are sure: 'Knowledge creates perspective," says Kai-Uwe Peter, Managing Director of Berliner Sparkasse. All questions about everything that crawls, stomps, bubbles and flies can be sent as voice messages to +4917692136208 or



This podcast is produced by the Berlin audio production company Auf die Ohren GmbH.


The first five episodes

1. Dino love. With Dr. Daniela Schwarz, paleontologist.

2. Bella, Pfiffi and Karlchen – our pets. With Dr. med. vet. Jakob Trimpert, virologist and veterinarian and guide at the museum.

3. Wild animals in the city. With Parima Parsi-Pour, biologist and guide at the museum.

4. Nocturnal animals: bats. With Dr. Simon Ripperger, biologist.

5. In the web of spiders. With Dr. Jason Dunlop, biologist.


About the participants

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN) has real dinosaurs and researches their life. As an excellent and integrated research museum of the Leibniz Association it has much more to offer: About 30 million objects from nature. From male fish that bite their females forever (!), to halls full of birds, to 4,000-year-old insects from Egyptian mummy graves. The museum's team knows the animal world inside out. But not only that. Nowhere is the knowledge about the past of our earth and thus about its future more concentrated than in a museum. Around 200 researchers work here, experts in the fields of zoology, palaeontology, geology and mineralogy.

In the middle of the capital, there are perhaps more cabinets on thousands of square metres than in the nearest Ikea. 70 percent of them are not accessible to visitors. Thousands of shelves and hundreds of glass display cases contain the craziest stories alongside millions of insects, mammals, fish, minerals and fossils. Exploring the earth and life is the museum's mission, moving people for nature, its vision. For this plan, the museum has received a total of 660 million euros from the Federal Government and the State of Berlin in 2018. This is a successful pitch, through which a science campus for nature and society will be realised over the next ten years. A meeting place for science, society and politics to discuss the future of mankind on the basis of science. Further information:

The cooperation "Wissen schafft Durchblick": Berliner Sparkasse and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin have started a five-year cooperation in 2019. Their common goal is to provide broad sections of the population with an overview of scientific and economic topics – because this is the motto of the cooperation projects. In addition to the podcast "Beats & Bones", there are the event series "Science in the Dinosaur Hall" and "Knowledge creates perspective" (currently paused) and the Festival of Lights. Further information:

Project management: Allyne Hartmann and Stefanie Krzyzniewski

Idea and concept: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin & Berliner Sparkasse & Auf die Ohren GmbH

Speaker: Jule Kaden and Tolga Akar

Authors: Jule Kaden and Teresa Nehm

Editors: Carmen Schucker and Marie Okuniek

Editing: Joscha Grunewald

Production: Auf die Ohren GmbH

Sound design: Joscha Grunewald

The podcast is being produced as part of the "Wissen schafft Durchblick" cooperation with Berliner Sparkasse.


Picture material

Photo material, which you may use free of charge in connection with the coverage of the podcast "Beats & Bones", can be found here: