Zwei Kinder mit Google Cardboard Brillen unter dem Giraffatitan brancai
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ADC has been championing the very best in commercial creativity ever since the club’s inception. This lead to the creation of the ADC Annual Awards in 1921, and for nearly a century it has been an uninterrupted celebration of the artistry and craftsmanship that is synonymous with beautiful advertising and design. The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin win the Golden Cube ADC Award in the category “Craft in Digital / Use of Technology – Single” for the project “Back to life – virtual reality” together with google creative.

Many millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the Earth and sea dragons were not just Hollywood creations, but fearsome predators that stalked the oceans. It’s a world that vanished long ago, but one that continues to fascinate those seeking to understand the origins of life on our planet.

Anywhere can explore this world on Google Arts & Culture. Partnered with 50+ of the world’s leading natural history institutions to bring this lost world to life again online. With just a few clicks, everyone can come face to face with a 150 million year old giant, Giraffatitan, back to life. Standing at 13 meters (42 feet), it’s one of the tallest dinosaurs that ever lived. It was twice as tall as today’s giraffes, and could easily put its head through a fourth floor window.


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