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Special Exhibition Sielmann!

Sielmann! Ausstellungsplakat

To inaugurate the Heinz Sielmann centenary, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is hosting the Sielmann! exhibition in collaboration with the Heinz Sielmann Foundation.

The exhibition gives a vivid insight into the crucial work undertaken by the Heinz Sielmann Foundation which stands for successful conservation and species protection in Germany. It focuses on indigenous species such as wisent (European bison), wild cat and lynx whose territories are protected by the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, as well as looking at Heinz Sielmann’s life. Paying homage to the inventive spirit of the nature broadcaster, the exhibition uses an unusual media format. The exhibition is geared to a broad audience, with a particular childrens’ level as a special attraction for families. Youngsters will be able to make their own discoveries.

Discovery is at the heart of the entire exhibition setup, paying homage to the life achievement of the famous wildlife film maker. Our objective is to convey to visitors the fascination of natural life at their doorstep, not just at the exhibition. Those with whom this rings a bell may pick up many hints in the exhibition where nature can be discovered close-up and in real time.

“People feel better when they are able to spend time in nature“, says Director General Johannes Vogel. “The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is trying to create a space where science and society meet and begin a conversation that will lead to the development of the best solutions for a sustainable future.“

Sielmann! has been conceived as a touring exhibition and will have its premiere in Berlin. The Heinz Sielmann Foundation will ensure that it will be shown later in other venues all over Germany.