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E²MeVa – Attitude towards Evolution – Measurements and Validity of Outcomes

Biodiversitätswand des Museums für Naturkunde


To enable schoolchildren to find solutions for scientific questions, a central aspect of life sciences is to provide a scientifically appropriate understanding of the biological evolution. However, results of evolution education research indicate not only major difficulties in understanding evolutionary processes, but also that many learners reject the theory of evolution as the best scientific explanation for the biological diversity on earth.

Yet, many findings on attitudes towards evolution originate from international research. But to be able to carry out investigations in both German- and English-speaking countries with the possibility of international comparisons, a set of commonly used instruments is needed.

Thus, the goal of the E²MeVa project to examine the acceptance of evolution within various groups of respondents by using the most popular instruments for measuring attitudes towards evolution. At the same time, these instruments will be made available to researchers in German-speaking countries to avoid the use of different translations of the same instrument.


since 2019