Fossil Invertebrates

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The Fossil Invertebrates Collection comprises fossil remains of bivalves, snails, corals, sponges, sea urchins, sea lilies, crustaceans etc. These include many now extinct species such as trilobites, ammonites or rudists. The collections also includes a substantial collection of amber with insect inclusions, a collection of fossil footprints as well as the micro-palaeontological collection.

The collections that stand out are the fossil collections by Ernst Friedrich von Schlotheim (1764-1832), Leopold von Buch (1774-1853), the amber collection by Georg Carl Berendt (1790-1850) and the micro-palaeontological collection by Christian G. Ehrenberg (1795-1876). Another highlight is the only complete specimen of Xenusion auerswaldae from the glacial erratic rocks at Wittstock. This Onychophora member lived in the Lower Cambrian and was the first organism with extremities.