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Innovative BROMACKER communication formats for everyone

Please note that due to a cyber attack, some of our employees can currently only be reached by telephone.

BROMACKER-Live-Formate auf Social Media

The BROMACKER project is characterized by a close interaction between research and knowledge transfer. The aim of the project is to make research processes visible and tangible for the public and, at the same time, to enable the most direct possible exchange between science and society.

This unique scientific project offers a variety of new and innovative communication and participation formats, which take place directly at the site in the UNESCO Geopark Thüringen Inselsberg - Drei Gleichen, at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, at the Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha but also online.

A particular focus of all the collaborative partners is to find ways and means of making the unwieldy terminology comprehensible and explaining the highly complex scientific issues in such a way that they can be clearly understood by the layperson. Because: The Bromacker is for everyone! Not only for researchers, but also for amateur paleontologists and people from outside the field. Young and old should also be able to participate in the BROMACKER: Therefore, science communication is very important in this project. The existing enthusiasm and fascination of the topic should jump from the small circle of researchers to the general public.

Directly at the excavation site in the Thuringian Forest, for example, a visitor platform is to be built in 2022, from which the public can follow the progress of the excavation and get an authentic view of the workplace of a paleontologist. In addition, guided tours at the Bromacker will be offered each excavation season, allowing visitors to speak directly with researchers.

At the same time, the BROMACKER research project is being opened up through a variety of new and innovative communication and participation formats at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha. In fall 2021, formats such as live talks, a writing workshop, and an episode for "Beats & Bones," the podcast from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, will be implemented. The opening of the "Bromacker LAB" in Gotha will follow in February 2022.

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